Microsoft Technology Centre sparks lightbulb moment for partners

Mark Leigh
One Commercial Partner Lead
Microsoft Australia




Today we’re celebrating the launch of the Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) in Sydney. As one of more than 50 international MTCs, this facility is intended to create lightbulb moments for Australian customers and partners that will light up the way to digital transformation.

The multi-million-dollar investment we have made in the Sydney MTC allows us to showcase both Microsoft and partner solutions. Our dedicated MTC team will work alongside partners and enterprise customers from the private and public sector to create immersive experiences that reveal the potential of digital transformation.   

In the Sydney MTC we will showcase the Microsoft technology ecosystem as well as 30 partner solutions across six key industries.

Our partner, DXC Technology will be an early mover, having signed a ground-breaking five-year strategic arrangement. This will see us work together, leveraging the MTC to help transition leading enterprise and public sector clients in Australia to Microsoft Azure.

This partnership is the first of its kind worldwide and will support DXC and Microsoft enterprise customers as they transition workloads to Azure, allowing them also to tap the broad and growing range of Azure cloud services ensuring their digital transformation is enduring.

Working together, Microsoft and DXC will be able to accelerate the migration of banking, commercial and public sector workloads to Azure, positioning enterprises to benefit from the security, trust, resilience and performance of a global cloud. Transitioning to the cloud also helps increase the responsiveness of enterprise to shifting market conditions and opportunities and opens the door to the constantly evolving array of services and tools available for Azure.

We think the MTC is a game changer – as is this partnership with DXC Technology. Together with partners we can help create breakthrough customer outcomes by working with them from concept to delivery.

This is a proven approach that has worked exceptionally well internationally. The MTC will help us engage enterprise customers on best-in-class solutions that combine our and our partners’ expertise and experience. Enterprises invited to the MTC will follow a specific process encompassing planning, preparing and executing to ensure maximum value and impact. We’re hopeful that as many as 400 enterprises a year will be able to benefit from the Sydney MTC.

Engagement options include strategy briefings, architecture design sessions, data centre tours, workshops, proof-of-concepts, hackathons – with the mix optimised according to enterprise priorities in order to ensure maximum impact and accelerated digital transformation.

We’re looking forward to working alongside partners at the MTC to create the lightbulb moments that will lead to business transformation for enterprise in Australia.