Hybrid Networking: End-to-end setup of an ExpressRoute between interxion und Azure

The mission:

Connect the onpremise VM hosted at our Cloud-Exchange/Co-Location Partner interxion's datacenter (Frankfurt) to an Azure VM (running in Europe West).

Watch if you ever wanted to see: the other side of an ExpressRoute (i.e. how to order ExpressRoute at a partner) - how you could use Windows Server to act as BGP-Router - how to configure private peering for IaaS inter cloud connectivity - see it all in one row of actions.
Hope you enjoy.


Go here for German video- and below for EN.

[ 0' 0'' ] Intro
[ 5' 20''] What do we want to configure?
[ 5' 57''] Interxion: Order Cloud Connect
[ 9' 20''] Azure: Order ExpressRoute
[13' 10''] Azure: Configure Private Peering
[16' 25''] OnPrem: Configure BGP Router (Win Srv 2016)
[22' 15''] Azure: Create VNET + VMSubnet
[23' 58''] Azure: Create VM in VMSubnet
[26' 40''] Azure: Create VPN Gateway + VPNSubnet
[28' 50''] Azure: Create Connection
[29' 45''] Test connectivity