The .NET Voyage into Open Source–dotnetConf 2015

dotnetConf is on now! Yesterday on Day 1, there were a ton of great presentations from the team. One of my personal favorites of the day was the talk where Immo, Rich and Miguel spoke about .NET Core and the teams journey into Open Source. There’s a lot of great insight into how culturally and technically we are going about it and the relationship between the .NET and Mono projects.

Check it out:

The .NET Voyage into Open Source


If you missed Day 1, you can watch them all on demand here:

Here’s some more of my other favorites.

.NET Core Deep Dive

Introduction to ASP.NET5

.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"): Analyzers and the Rise of Code-Aware Libraries

Today is Day 2 and there are a ton of presentations being delivered by experts in our community today. Head to to watch them now and later on demand.

I’m learning a ton! Enjoy!