Going to TEDActive

TEDActive is not actually the first conference of my year - CES was, and while I tweeted a lot about it during and after, I really didn't blog about it. There are some things still churning around in my brain from talking with Chris Brogan that are blog-worthy, but then I got derailed working on education stuff and... now I'm heading for TEDActive. Bing has sponsored a low-key lounge with amazing installations in/nearby, and I'll of course be supporting our Techcrunch50 startups by wearing the Bing Loves t-shirts during my time at TEDActive.

I've been warned to get sleep beforehand, be prepared to stay up all night talking (like those dorm conversations in college) and that my mind will be blown. It's the first conference that's insisted my whole self be represented - that is, not only the Bing shill or the person I am at work, but actually show the whole brain makeup. Fortunately for me, I never really had a decently hardened shell in the first place, so that stuff has been leaking through every so often anyway (poetry! bath bombs! painted shoes! chickens!) But it's interesting to have such an insistence on *presence* for a conference. No really, they told us to leave laptops and phones at HOME if we could.

Don't think I can leave all the electronics at home but I'm certainly ok with keeping it under wraps most of the time.

If you are reading this and are going/have gone to TEDActive before I salute you, if you are enroute, I meet you there, if you've met me, well, know that I write this with greater sleep backlog than probably when you met me.

Live it vivid!