Heading to Texas and South by Southwest, but leaving the black Stetson behind

Last time I was in Texas, I bought a cowboy hat outside of San Antonio. It was a real Stetson, would keep the rain off, and of course to work with my urban wardrobe, I bought it in black. I think I made Paul Tidwell on the XNA team wear it once or twice, but there was a Viking helmet they used for "dude you broke the build" and that really reigned supreme.

This time, like last time, I am going on behalf of Live Search, but unlike last time, I don't have to present and I've realized with all the other stuff I have to pack, the Stetson has to stay at home. A nice offshoot of not being on a panel  (since I didn't know a year ago I'd have this job)  I get to enjoy the experience without the "speaker jitters" dominating my thoughts and also just get to meet up with folks I have not seen in ages.

I will also get to meet Nadia Payan for the first time; me/Live Search ended up sponsoring her on her odyssey to go to one of my favorite conferences ever.

Internet geek girl (lurv that pink!) has a nice post about the tweetup Live Search is sponsoring - 4-6 pm on March 13th at point in the conference while people presumably still have intact livers. :) 

Windows Mobile setup the space but we provide the drinks, food etc so you can prefunc prior to the rest of the evening.

I will also be booth babin' it for a couple of days in the convention center, as will Aya and Stefan. Then on to MIX09, another adventure entirely....