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Announcing support for labels in the API

How are your brand campaigns performing against your non-brand campaigns? How are your experimental keywords performing? Do you have promotional ad copy that you are closely monitoring? Do you have different bidding rules that you want to manage across your keywords? Labels are a simple and powerful way to make it easy to manage these situations and more. With labels, you can add detail and color to your reporting data so that you can accomplish more.

For the next several weeks, labels will be rolling out to all accounts across the world. Labels is available in the Campaign Management v11 service and Bulk v11 service. Unfortunately, labels will not be available in the Reporting Service at this time.

Get started using labels

In the Campaign Management v11 service, we are introducing data objects for Label and LabelAssociation. The following operations are now available for managing these data objects:

The following new record types are now available in the Bulk v11 service: