8 Awesome Financial Investments for Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Jane Hurst, https://www.lifehack.org/author/jane-hurst & https://blog.getresponse.com/author/jane-hurst


There is a lot more to being an entrepreneur than just running your own business and setting your own hours. You need to come up with ways to make enough money to live comfortably, and this often involves understanding the investment world. The better your investments, the more of a nest egg you are going to have in the long run. Today we are going to take a look at eight terrific financial investments that entrepreneurs need to learn about.


1.      Invest in Gold – If you are new to the world of investing and worried about finding the right investment that is not going to end up making you lose money, you can never go wrong with gold. In fact, many people are transferring their wealth from stocks and bonds to gold, because it is a commodity that is never going to lose its value.


2.      Personal Health – When you are helping others, you are helping yourself. By investing in personal health, you are not only investing in something that is not going to falter, you are also investing in the human race. You will be building your own nest egg while investing in things that are going to help others to stay healthy.


3.      Invest in other Startups – Many entrepreneurs not only invest in themselves, but also in other businesses, particularly startups. After all, they know how difficult it is to get started, so they are not only helping themselves by investing, they are helping new startups to grow and prosper as well. Just make sure that you don’t only invest in other startups. A successful portfolio is one that is diversified. Check more info on Wefunder.


4.      Invest in Turnkey Properties – As an entrepreneur, you need to find ways to save money, and get the most out of your money. Investing in turnkey properties is a great way to invest in your future. These are properties that are ready to move into, and you can sell them right away for a quick profit. Check out what we mean at High Return Real Estate.


5.      Invest in Bonds – If you want to invest, but you are not quite ready to make the full jump into the risky business of investing in stocks, start out by buying bonds. A good bond portfolio is great for entrepreneurs, especially during the early stages of their businesses. This is a safe investment that is ideal for the beginning investor.


6.      Look into Flipping Homes – A great way for entrepreneurs to make money is by flipping homes. You can get some pretty great deals on distressed homes, as well as repossessed homes. Then, you can fix them up and sell them to make excellent profits. Yes, there is a bit more investment involved on your part, but in the end, you can make a lot of money. Great resource that will help is Flipping Houses 101.


7.      Invest in Insurance – While it may just seem like a no-brainer to have insurance, many people don’t realize that their insurance is an investment in itself. For instance, not only can life insurance help to protect you and your loved ones, it can also help to protect your business, because many policies have cash value over time. You can use this cash as collateral when you need money for your business, because the money is guaranteed and protected.


8.      Invest in Your Home – Your home is something else that can help you in your business. The more equity you have invested in your home, the more money you can borrow against it in the event that you need it for your business. Don’t waste your home equity though. Hold onto it until you really need it for your business so you can reach your financial goals.