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Seamlessly transition your services to the cloud with SixPivot’s new cloud management platform, Cloud Ctrl

Based in Brisbane, Australia, SixPivot is an award winning, international software development and strategic management startup helping businesses smoothly transition their services to the cloud. The company’s newest product, Cloud Ctrl, is a multi-cloud service management platform that enables organizations to monitor, manage, and analyze their cloud hosted services across a range of providers, in one secure location. With Cloud Ctrl, users have a software tool that acts as their own personal brokering service, dashboard, and management portal, allowing them to manage subscriptions and services in a faster, more efficient manner. Plus, the platform allows companies to monitor all their cloud resources, check usage trends and billing rates, set usage thresholds, and configure automatic alerts that help to ensure their cloud costs are under control.

“The concept of cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate through IT challenges. The world is dominated by apps, but many elements of the cloud remain difficult to manage,” says SixPivot Founder and CEO Faith Rees, “Cloud provider management is an evolving market, so we designed Cloud Ctrl with an extensive roadmap, making our offering much more than just a dashboard; it is an intelligent, multi-tenant cloud billing system. Our platform takes real billing data and creates templates for every cloud service provider to help our customers determine how expensive it will be to run a particular workload on a particular provider.”

According to Rees, Cloud Ctrl was designed for companies of any size and emphasizes that the application was designed so that SME’s, with little to no IT budget, have an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor their cloud services. “Managing and understanding cloud providers, proactively managing usage rates, differentiating services, subscriptions, resources – important tasks like these are traditionally difficult for SME’s to perform in a cheap and timely fashion. Our advanced analytics allow companies to monitor their real-time consumption so that they are never surprised by their overhead costs.”


SixPivot recently inked a partnership with Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 company that provides cloud software, security, and hardware solutions. SixPivot is excited about their new engagement and Rees is hopeful that it will increase Cloud Ctrl’s presence in a variety of international markets.

In addition to the BizSpark program, SixPivot is also a BizSpark Plus member and depends on a steady dose of the Azure Stack to develop and deploy their products. “BizSpark Plus has allowed us to build our product on world class software, without breaking the bank. We have the ability to configure development, testing, and production resources so easily. Azure helped us to develop our product quickly, and seamlessly scale as our customers increased.”

Cloud Ctrl leverages Azure SQL Database to quickly scale performance without suffering any down time and utilizes Azure Machine Learning for its unique ability to accurately predict future consumption rates. The platform also uses Azure Cache to effectively manage their users’ cloud service spending and forecasting in a single, secure portal. In addition to SQL Database, Machine Learning, and Azure Cache, Cloud Ctrl relies on number of other Microsoft products to power their application including Azure Storage, WebJobs, and WebApps.

SixPivot has thoroughly enjoyed their experience in the BizSpark Plus program and looks forward to continuing to develop their solutions using the Azure Stack.


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About BizSpark:  Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps startups succeed by giving free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software and support. BizSpark members receive up to $750 per month of free Microsoft Azure cloud services for 3 years: that’s $150 per month each for up to 5 developers. Azure works with Linux and open-source technologies such as Linux, Ruby, Python, Java and PHP. BizSpark is available to startups that are privately held, less than 5-years-old and earn less than $1M in annual revenue.