Turn any smartphone or PC into a mobile attendance tracker with Regular.li

logo_dark_larger AVIFA is an Indian software company specializing in mobile application development and web development. The company’s newest product, Regular.li is a cross-platform, attendance tracking app designed to help track and manage attendance. It can be used by companies to track employee attendance, schools or colleges track student attendance or by any organization that needs to track a group of users.

Managers can easily monitor the attendance, progress, and performance of their users through a variety of features including: attendance tracking, weekly summary reports, punctuality scores, and timesheet reports. Not only can Regular.li replace conventional check-in processes and simplify performance tracking, it can also substantially diminish the workload of HR departments and free-up additional resources. Regular.li has inbuilt leave and holiday management apart from other HR features.

With Regular.li, attendance can be secured with GPS Location and WIFI SSID matching. It captures a selfie with every check in. It even supports barcode check in and web browser check in for non-smartphone users. Regular.li is also used to track outdoor users, with the help of GPS tagging, the user’s location is stored and can be viewed on a map.

The need for an application of this nature is clear, says AVIFA Founder and Director Avijit Sarkar: “As smartphones reach more pockets every day, we are moving towards a completely digital ecosystem. Attendance tracking should be easy, simple and cost effective. With Regular.li we replace expensive hardware and manual registers with smartphones and browsers.”

A member of the BizSpark program, AVIFA uses a variety Azure features for the development and maintenance of their products, including Regular.li. According to Sarkar, “Regular.li employs Azure for its cloud hosting capabilities, API service, and data storage.” The app also uses SQL Server for analytics and database security, while capitalizing on Visual Studio’s integrated development environment (IDE) to accurately and efficiently write and edit code.

AVIFA has also incorporated several open source packages in their solution – namely, Apache Cordova -- which they leverage for front end web and mobile app development. Sarkar states that Azure’s ability to integrate their preferred open source played a large role in his company’s decision to use the Microsoft product over other cloud solutions. “Azure allowed us to build our ideal app without making any sacrifices, Azure is reliable, stable and packs in a lot of features. What could be better?”

Need a cheaper, simpler, better way to track attendance? Check out Regular.li today! (Android App : Regular.li Attendance App | iOS App : Regular.li Attendance App)


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