Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch in Boston (and Beyond)


Miss the MSDN Firestarter events for Windows Phone 7 (note there’s one more in our area on 9/30 in Farmington, CT)? 

There’s a Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch series coming in October to five cities in the east, expanding the Firestarter coverage to include the RTM bits with updates like the Pivot and Panorama controls. The second day takes the hands-on Garage event and expands it to give you more time with devices and experts.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Series

City Day 1 (click to register) Day 2 (click to register)
Philadelphia, PA 10/5 (9-5) 10/6 (10-3)
Washington, DC 10/6 (9-5) 10/7 (10-3)
Boston, MA 10/12 (9-5) 10/13 (10-3)
New York, NY 10/19 (9-5) 10/20 (10-3)
Atlanta, GA 10/21 (9-5) 10/22 (10-3)

Here’s what’s happening on each day:

Day 1: Jump-Start Your Mobile Development | 9:00am - 5:00pm
In the first of this two-day launch event, we'll take you under the hood of Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone 7 platform with a progressive set of learning sessions. We'll start with the basic tools and fundamentals of Windows Phone 7 application development and as the day unfolds, we'll go deeper into development scenarios using Silverlight®, XNA® and the Windows Phone 7 SDK. You'll also see how to earn cash for your apps in the fully loaded Marketplace.

Day 2: Unleash Your Best App Workshop | 10:00am - 3:00pm
This hands-on workshop is designed to help you turn those napkin sketches and subway scribbles into real, sellable apps. You'll apply fundamental Windows Phone 7 design principles to build an app and upload it to the fully revamped Marketplace. Go at your own pace or follow along with a proctored group lab. Either way, you'll get step-by-step advice from Microsoft® and community experts. It's an unprecedented opportunity to stake your claim in the marketplace – using familiar tools and consistent specs.

Note there’s separate registration for each day, and you’re welcome to join for one or both days.

For the Boston event, my teammates Joe Healy and Glen Gordon (who have been deeply immersed in WP7) will be on hand to deliver these sessions and workshops.

imageWP7 Application Testing

Day two of this event will be a great way to work with test Windows Phone 7 devices (as will the “Garage” event on 9/30 in Farmington, CT.) 

If you can’t attend and are in the northeast, actively developing a Windows Phone 7 application for deployment to the marketplace, Jim and I each have a prototype WP7 device that we can use to test application deployments. 

We’ll be setting up “office hours” for this, so please contact me to discuss this if you’re interested.