Microsoft Enterprise Social roadmap #Yammer #SharePoint

Following my recent career move (see Hello Social, goodbye Project! #msproject #yammer) focused on Enterprise Social and the recent SharePoint Conference 2012 last month, I’d like to share important announcements we made at that event that provides insights into our strategy around enterprise social.

  • Putting Social to Work (Business Value, Vision, SharePoint + Yammer Roadmap, Yammer Packaging and Pricing), Jared Spataro :
  • SharePoint Conference 2012 Opening Keynote video & full transcript: It’s an awesome two hour keynote you should be watching end to end but specifically watch these segments on Enterprise Social (I’ve put the approximate start times):
    • Why we acquired Yammer? Jeff Teper- 0:36
    • Enterprise Social Network - David Sacks – 0:42
    • Transform your business, Experiences & Platform - Adam Pisoni – 0:46
    • 3 social demos:  Yammer & SharePoint/Open Graph, Yammer & SkyDrive Pro integration,Yammer Windows 8 app– Adam Pisoni – 0:51
    • Roadmap - Jeff Teper – 0:56
    • Nationwide Insurance - Yammer & SharePoint video – 1:00

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Exciting years ahead and get started with Yammer today!

Happy holidays!