TfsAlert hits the streets!!!

So just what is TfsAlert?

TfsAlert is a .Net 3.0 smart client which monitors for subscribed TFS notifications and will display a balloon window in the Windows TaskBar Notification Area.  It is built on top of WCF where you can subscribe to any TFS event you feel fit.  It's initial focus is around Team Build management but will also include features around Work Item tracking.

How about that for an official party line!

I started TfsAlert back when TFS was in it's beta days.  I've used Cruise Control for many years and I just felt naked without the tray, so TfsAlert was born.  Yes I have copied some of the feature ideas.  So far it has been a great learning experience of not only .Net 3.0 but TFS integration.  I am excited about the expanded development and communities response.

A few minutes ago the TfsAlert CodePlex how was created.  It's going to take me a few days just to get everything transferred over and get a build out, but it's high on my list.