TFS 2013 Process Templates

VS_tm_Purp526_rgbWhether your new to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013 or have used it since Pre-Beta TFS 2005, the Team Project Process Templates have always seemed to be something mystical to people. I often get asked “What does a task or test case relate to?” or “can I have a user story relate to another user story to make like an epic user story?”

Obviously that sort of feedback made it to the MSDN technical writers backlog because they recently published an article that explains a lot of this. It called Work with team project artifacts, choose a process template. It provides a good breakdown of what Work Items are part of each template and how they relate to one another. Not just for the Agile and CMMI process templates but for the Scrum template as well.

But don’t stop reading the article there. If you look at the index for the article, there’s a pretty thorough breakdown of each template, what reports are available in each template, and more. A lot of customers I work with often tell me “We’re a Srcum-but shop” or “We’re a Wagile shop,” and how can we customize TFS to fit our process?

By looking through this article, understanding what work items, reports, and other artifacts that are in each process templates, you can get a better of which process template you’d like to start with as your base process template and start customizing from there.

I highly recommend you check out this article if you’ve ever been curious about what makes up a given process template and wanted to see which one would be the right one to start with.