Back from time off…more fun to come

Today summer seemed to come to an end – the “marine layer” moved in from the coast and brought cool weather and clouds…so much for the last few weeks of nice sunny warm weather.  I’ve been off for the past few months and really tried to stay away from technology, email and blog posting….

There is so much that has gone on while I was away…

and more just starting

So what did I do – here’s the short list

  • studied the movement of grains of sand while laying face down on a lounger – tough keeping your eyelids open, especially with the sun beating down on you.
  • put on a mask and snorkel to look at underwater creatures/fish – tough work, but beautiful Smile
  • Was in Walla Walla when it was named the Friendliest small town in America – and have to agree that it is very friendly – had a great time there…enjoy the sweet onions and wineries
  • caught up on sleep…sleep is so over rated until you have time for it
  • went to Whistler and did the longest continuous lift system on the globe – Whistler to Blackcomb via the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola 
  • Spent time with oceanographers and technologists at Oregon State University – wow was I impressed with the state of the art work they are doing – also went to a few West Coast Baseball League games while there
  • watched in amazement the 5.8 Virginia, USA Earthquake and Hurricane Irene
  • thought a lot about scientific data – have more thoughts to share in later blog posts….

It’s good to be back…..