New “Improved” Site

Hrmph. So they managed to disappear my last post, and now my blog looks really generic. I liked the way it used to look, thankyouverymuch.

Then I discovered that while Word on my laptop somehow knew the right password, I didn't have it written down anywhere. Used to just be easy to reset, but now I can't link my Live ID to the site without it, and I'm dead in the water.

Option 1 was to go write an app that would go do CryptUnprotectData on what's stored in the registry on my laptop, but I couldn't remember if we used any entropy, and I don't have source access from home (in an attempt to keep myself from working too much). I could try it, but then I remembered that most of the blogging protocols just send the password in the clear, and while that's completely ridiculous for a protocol invented this century to do that, it came in handy.

Having an actual firewall as my gateway, I could then just pop up a network monitor, go make a post, and sniff the traffic. Voila! There's the password, now I'm back in business. Comes in handy being a hacker.

I should make a tool to export blog settings, and then import them back again into a different system…

So now I'm able to post from home again, which is a bit nicer – real keyboard instead of laptop keyboard…

I suppose the next project is going to be to sort out how to customize the appearance of the site again. Now on to what I started out to post about to begin with -