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Spider-Man Homecoming Twitter Sentiment

Hello Dear Reader!  This past Thursday night I took my son Zachary to see Spider-Man Homecoming, it was an amazing movie with a fantastic cast.  Both of us are BIG comic book guys, and we enjoyed it immensely.  As a matter of fact we both enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of the world felt!  You’ve probably seen different ways to view Twitter sentiment analysis, but I wanted to do this today using Azure Logic Apps to create a real-time Power BI Dashboard, with a live data source using Azure SQL Database.  Want to see how we built all of this?  Click here to read How to Measure Twitter Sentiment with Azure Logic Apps, SQL Database, and Power BI.



The majority of the twitter sentiment was positive!  Over 55% of the response based on the Twitter Semantic Model I used in Azure ML.

Response Count Percentage
negative 4777 17%
neutral 7668 28%
positive 15150 55%

Reviewing the text of the tweets I felt that was low, but that just means the model has room to be trained.  Looking at our Power BI Report I can see the influential Twitter users, those with the most followers, had the most re-tweets.  This has more than just social relevance, this translates to dollars quite easily.


Since the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU, back in 2008 the largest opening weekend for a Marvel character in their origin movie belonged to Iron Man.  This is fitting.  Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. kick started the MCU.  They started in style with a $99 million dollar opening weekend, going on to gross $318 million dollars domestically and over half a billion world wide.

The next closest movie was the Guardians of the Galaxy.  While it was not a solo-hero movie, it was still the premier for the group.  They garnered $94 million on their opening weekend.  By the end of their run they had netted over $333 million domestically and over $770 million world wide.

Looking at the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man Homecoming is in the mid-range for openings overall.  Spider-Man Homecoming has already earned the distinction of unseating Iron Man to capture $117 million in it's opening weekend.  If the trend continues, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may just end up with over $300 million.

Based on the sentiment and the first weekend, Spider-Man is just getting started.  So is this a big gain on previous Spider-Man movies?  The last two Spider-Man movies averaged $232 million, the latter earning $202 million.  The average MCU movie thus far has averaged $296 million.  Spider-Man is off to a good start, we'll see where it goes from here!

Tune in for later this week when we explore how to collect, store, and create these visuals easily and quickly using the cloud!

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