GA: Azure Service Bus & Event hubs availability zones

Availability Zones is a high availability offering that protects applications and data from datacenter failures.

Azure Service Bus Premium in the Azure portal

Availability Zones support for Azure Service Bus Premium and Azure Event Hubs Standard has been added for these regions:

  • East US 2 
  • West US 2 
  • West Europe 
  • North Europe 
  • France Central 
  • Southeast Asia

Availability Zones support is now generally available for Azure Service Bus premium and Azure Event Hubs standard in every Azure region that has zone redundant datacentres. Note that this feature won’t work with existing namespaces—you will need to provision new namespaces to use this feature.

So you might wonder how you can enable Availability Zones on your Azure Service Bus Premium namespace or Azure Event Hubs Standard? Please refer the detailed blog which has the steps to move forward.

Hope this helps.