Off to Okinawa

I'm at Sea-Tac waiting to board my flight to the WG4/WG5 meetings in Okinawa this week, and decided to do a quick blog post while I have a few minutes. I'll be attending the meetings with the Ecma delegation, and I see that Jesper Lund Stocholm will be there representing Denmark, and Alex Brown of the UK has already arrived in Okinawa and started snapping pretty pictures.

Here are two links to blog posts of interests from the last few days:

  • Zeyad has another great post on Brian's blog, this one about how to build a rich catalog as a DOCX, from data in a database. Brian's team is very focused on Office programmability these days, and the Open XML SDK is a big part of that. Full source code provided, as always.
  • Orcmid turns 70, and looks back at all of the US presidential elections since WWII. I had some personal travel last week and was only in Seattle for a couple of days, so I've missed out on the celebrations myself, but I hope you're enjoying some time off, Dennis. Dennis and I have a variety of coincidences that intertwined our lives long before we met, beginning with his first software development job, which he started the month I was born.

There was a light dusting of snow on the control tower at Sea-Tac this morning, so I'm looking forward to some warmer temperatures, even if the week is full of meetings indoors. Leave some pretty pictures for me, Alex, I'll be there in 18 hours or so.

More from Okinawa soon ...