Undisclosed Browser Technology

When people ask what I worked on at Google and I answer "undisclosed browser technology", I think some folks think I'm just being coy or obnoxious.  The truth is, I'm required to say that publicly and privately until Google publicly announces the technology or its derivatives.

Well, that day has finally come.  Yesterday Google announced the Google Gears API, a set of browser plugins that provide client-side local storage and related services. 

I was a founding member of that project and helped draft the specs and write the early iterations through proof of concept and functional prototype stages.  They've made a lot of fit & finish improvements over the past year (and a perhaps a few changes in focus to navigate Google's internal politics), but I can still recognize a few bits here and there.

Congratulations to my old teammates for getting Gears out the door: Linus Upson, Mike Tsao, Michael Nordman, Eric Arvidsson, Aaron Boodman and the rest of the gearheads!  ;>