Management Reporter 2012 CU 13 Performance Hotfix Now Available

An optional hotfix is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU 13. Customers can apply the hotfix proactively now, otherwise the fixes will also be included in Management Reporter CU 14. Two of the fixes are specific to Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart, and the third applies to all ERPs.

Bug ID

3596584- Transaction to Fact performance issue with large chart of accounts for Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart
3599519- Large number of records in GL00100 table causes timeouts in integration and performance issues in Configuration Console for Microsoft Dynamics GP data mart
3686223- Improve report generation performance from CU13 where many filters exist with many dimension combinations

The hotfix will prompt for a reboot of the server during installation. The hotfix will not change the version number of Management Reporter Server or Client components.


Version History

Management Reporter CU13 RTM (removed) - 2.12.13001.1

Management Reporter CU13 Hotfix 1 and Re-Release - 2.12.13002.1

Management Reporter CU13 SPED ECF Hotfix for Brazil - (hotfix 3680516)

Management Reporter CU13 Performance Hotfix - (hotfix 3682838)



The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource.