Updated Management Reporter CU16 Now Available

An updated version of Management Reporter CU16 is available as of March 2, 2018.  The updated CU16 contains all of the original features and hotfixes, but now includes seven additional hotfixes.  Five of the hotfixes are available individually, but two of the hotfixes are only available by installing the new CU16.

Hotfixes included in new CU16, also available individually

  1. Hotfix 3815274 - Allows children nodes to be rolled up to a parent that contains a Dimension filter. Installing this hotfix, along with a change to MRServiceHost.settings.config, will revert a functional change in CU15 (HF 3714638). This allows customers to use the original functionality before CU15, where nodes can be rolled up to a parent that contains a dimension filter, or the new functionality introduced by CU15, where nodes won’t roll up to a parent that contains a dimension filter.
  2. Hotfix 3813390 - User security may be removed during the Companies to Company mapping if there is a SQL Exception. This hotfix will prevent this from occurring.
  3. Hotfix 3830316 - Microsoft Dynamics AX only: Allows customers to generate the SPED ECF statement for Brazil (BRA). Customers can export the SPED ECF text file with the changes in records 0000, 0010, 0020, 0021 and 0930 introduced by version 3.0.
  4. Hotfix 3840209 - Prevents unnecessary actual and budget records from being created in the data mart when the amount or quantity is zero.
  5. Hotfix 3858003 - For Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2: Addresses a performance issue with the Company integration.  For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Addresses an issue with not being able to configure an integration to the GP database.

Hotfixes included in new CU16 only

  1. Hotfix 3921111  - Adds support for SQL Server 2017
  2. Hotfix 3366688  - Microsoft Dynamics AX only: Prevents a timeout error if you have 100+ dimensions, which caused the initial integration to not complete successfully

The original CU16 and the five hotfixes are still available through links found in the Previous Release and Hotfixes document.