Blog refactoring 2.0

In the beginning, I started this blog just to write. I wrote a lot of C# stuff, some regex stuff, some HealthVault stuff, and a bunch of irrelevant stuff.

Then, at some point, I started the RiderX blog to write about some more cycling-specific stuff that I – in a rare moment of discernment – didn’t want to put on this blog.

Since that time, I picked up a HealthVault team blog (well, two team blogs, actually), and most of the time I wanted to write, I didn’t want to write anything work related, and wanted a place to do a bit less self-editing that I do here.

Yes, I know, it does boggle the mind a bit, that what I post here is self-edited…

So, anyway, to make things short(er), I went domain name hunting, found to my surprise that “” was available, and spun up a personal blog there.