Naked came the null delegate

I few weeks ago James Curran came up with the idea of a number of .NET bloggers (or, in my case, bloggers who remember vaguely what .NET is about) write a serial story. I, who am easily flattered by the smallest of attentions to my previous brush with semi-fame, signed on.

And then when it came around to me, I procrastinated for a few days, wrote something I didn’t like and threw it away, wrote something I liked that I couldn’t figure out how to fit into the existing story, then finally wrote something that I’m somewhat fond of that fits into the story, more or less. Which is kindof the point.

My contribution is here. I recommend reading the first two chapters so that you won’t be lost. You can also read James' explanation for the title.

If you have questions about the obscure parts (ie – what is he writing about) feel free to ask in comments, and I’ll try to answer when I get a few seconds away from my adoring fans.