I <3 MIX09

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As soon as the PDC ended, the team has begun work on MIX09.

You know, March isn’t that far away! Time for me to find a job on the crew again! and I need to decide which piece of bling do i put on my blog

The Web Belongs to You. <3 Your Web at MIX09.

Explore the future of the Web with fellow developers and designers at MIX09, March 18 - 20, 2009 at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Now in its fourth year, MIX is a unique technology conference that connects web professionals with industry thought leaders to explore the future of the Web together. It’s true – your Web needs you, and MIX is where you’ll get access to the tools, knowledge, and vision to create the next generation of UX, applications, and web design.

What’s New for MIX09?

· Learn from and connect with more external speakers than ever before. View latest speaker list. More speakers and sessions to be announced in December.

· Register for pre-event workshops designed to provide in-depth focus on practical skills and topics for both developer and designer professionals.

· MIX09 sessions will focus on key topics for web professionals ranging from user experience design methodologies and standards-based web development techniques to creating rich internet and client applications. More sessions and speakers to be announced in December.

· Compete in the inaugural MIX10K or Restyle challenges and win a trip to MIX09 on us! For the first time in MIX history, the community will help select winners. Contest details to be announced in November.

· Learn about the future of Microsoft’s web platform and tools, including Silverlight™, Internet Explorer®, Expression®, ASP.NET and others.

Space is even more limited this year at MIX, so register early to secure your spot. You’ll receive $200 off the conference price when you register by January 15.

MIX09 Dates and Location

March 18 - 20, 2009
Pre-Event Workshops: March 17

The Venetian Hotel (https://www.venetian.com/),Las Vegas, NV

REGISTER NOW https://2009.visitmix.com/Registration/

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