DataDude Goes Multi-Platform

Yesterday, during Bill Gates his Tech Ed keynote, Brian Harry had the honor to show the first glimpse of the results of our partnership with IBM, DB2 support inside Visual Studio Team System Database Edition. As you might know or have read in one of my previous blog posts, we are changing the underlying architecture of the VSTS Database Edition product, to be provider based. This change enables other vendors or 3rd parties, by creating a Database Schema Provider (DSP), to start managing and deploying their schemas from inside Visual Studio Team System "Rosario" using the same database project system and user experience we currently have in place to manage and deploy your SQL Server schemas.

One of the vendors we have been working with from the start to validate the provider and extensibility model is IBM and yesterday was the first time we could publicly show the results of this collaboration.

As you can read in the overall Tech Ed press release:

  • An alliance with IBM that will further simplify application development for enterprise teams working in heterogeneous environments. IBM and Microsoft have agreed to work together to integrate IBM DB2 database access with Visual Studio Team System Database Edition.

This events marks a significant milestone for the product, and is the enabling technology to include other data store in to the application life cycle.