Up to SQL Connections Spring 2009 (Orlando, FL)

Next week I will be presenting at SQL Connections in Orlando where I will be covering some fun topics on DataDude and general SQL Server. Here is the list.

SQL Connections Spring 2009 (Orlando, FL)

  • SDB413: Automating Database Deployment
    Do you have a need to automate the deployment of your database schema? Learn how to leverage DBSCHEMA files in combination with the command line VSDBCMD.EXE deployment engine. The latest Visual Studio 2008 Team System Database Edition GDR release provides a redistributable deployment engine that allows you to create a database deployment unit, which you can integrate in to your own “database setup”.
  • SDV417: Roll Your Own DataDude Rules
    Learn how to extend T-SQL Static Code Analysis by writing your own rules! Static code analysis allows you to enforce your own rules in the context of your own SQL Server schema. Now you can extend the existing rule set with your own set of rules, by implementing some .NET classes. 
  • SDV406: SQL Server Internals - Memory Management
    There are three key things to understand when it comes to SQL Server scalability and performance: execution, I/O and memory. This session will take you through the internals of SQL Server memory management in order to gain the necessary knowledge to better understand the underlying SQL Server behaviors. Once you understand how SQL Server allocates and uses its memory you will increase your effectiveness when dealing with performance tuning, scaling, and configuration problems.
  • SDB301: Power - to the Command - Shell
    Manage your SQL Server installations from the command line using Microsoft PowerShell. Learn how to leverage the new PowerShell script shell in combination with the SQL Server PowerShell provider and CmdLets to manage your SQL Server environments from within a flexible and powerful scripting environment. If you have a need to automate your SQL Server management tasks, PowerShell is your new friend!

I hope to see you in Orlando and for those who cannot make it I will post the slides and demos on www.dbproj.com after the conference.