Call for authors for new eBook on the Windows Azure Platform

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I intend to pull together a FREE eBook on the Windows Azure Platform – but I need your help to make it rock!

If you have detailed experience of any aspect of the Windows Azure Platform and can spare a few hours of time to turn that into a short article (400 to 800 words) then please get in touch. This is not a big commitment but my suspicion is the end result will make for a cracking good read.

I am hoping for a mix – everything from lessons learnt from early adopters to introductions to elements of the platform to getting technologies such as Ruby up and running on Azure. 10 to 20 articles sound about right – which means I am after 10 to 20 authors :)

All I need from you right now is:

  • One or two suggestions of topics you would like to cover
  • A pointer to any example of your previous work – which could be as simple as a blog post or a work document.

For simplicity, just drop me an email direct to eric.nelson A@T



The provisional dates are:

  • Confirm authors and topics by 3rd May
  • Get first draft from all authors by 10th May
  • Complete reviews by 17th May
  • Final versions by 24th May
  • Published by 31st May

And finally, an example:

To give you an idea of what I have in mind, check out the eBook we pulled together last December which has had several thousand downloads. However I’m thinking of making this one a little bit more fun/informal. More on that later.

UK MSDN Flash eBook Best Technical Articles #2 - ericnel

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