SharePoint 2013 -Configure Incoming emails with Exchange Server 2013


This blog post is to help you in configure Incoming emails in SharePoint 2013 using Exchange Server 2013


Domain Controller – Windows Server 2012

Exchange Server – Exchange Server 2013

SharePoint Server – SharePoint Server 2013

Lets begin the process of setting up Incoming emails

Creating OU for Storing Email Alias

  • Log in to DC or any computer which have Active Directory administration tools installed.
  • Open "Active Directory users and Computers"
  • Right click on domain name and select New > Organizational Unit
  • Provide some meaningful name and click on OK


  • Make sure the account which is running Timer Service on SharePoint Server has permissions to create and delete objects.

Add SMTP role to the SharePoint Server


  • Browse to Server Manager and click on Manage > Add roles and features



  • Click on Next and choose "Select a server from the server pool" and click Next



  • Click Next on the Roles screen


  • Select SMTP
  • Click on Add Features



  • Click Next
  • Click Install

Create Send Connector


  • Click on Mail Flow > Send Connectors


  • Click on New Send Connector Icon and give it meaningful name and chose Internal


  • Choose "Route mail through smart hosts" and click on Add and provide SharePoint Server FQDN


  • Choose None as the Authentication method


  • Provide the FQDN of the SharePoint Server where SMTP role is installed and click on Save and then Next



  • On the Source Server screen add the exchange server and click on Finish


  • Ensure that the Connector status shows as Enabled


Configure SMTP on SharePoint Server


  • Browse to Server Manager > Local Server > Tools> "Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager"


  • Expand Server Name >
  • Right Click on SMTP and click on Properties


  • Click on Access > Authentication and ensure Anonymous is checked


Configure Email Settings in SharePoint


  • Browse to SharePoint central Administration
  • Click on System Settings > Configure Incoming e-mail settings
  • Configure settings based on the screen shots



Enable Incoming email on Document library


  • Browse to your Web Application
  • Create a new document library App
  • Browse to the List settings of the Document Library App


  • Click on Incoming e-mail settings


  • Configure the settings based on the following screen shot


  • Browse to the OU SharePoint Alias and make sure you see the contact created in it


Test the incoming email functionality


  • Send an email with an attachment to the email address that you configured, in my case it was
  • Navigate to the Drop folder on the SMTP server, default location for the drop folder is C:\inetpub\mailroot\Drop
  • You should see your emails sent in this folder


  • Wait for 5 mins and these emails should get processed by the timer service
  • Browse to the Document library and you should see the attachment being uploaded to the document library

Feel free to post comments if you have any confusion regarding any of the steps.