Hot-hot hot college majors for technology

I majored in business administration and graduated from the Entrepreneur Program. So we shant pretend that I have any kind of a technical background (but I can write an awesome little piece of html that embeds videos in my blog postings....oh, wait, I cut and paste that awesome little piece of html).</check me out>

Haven't we all heard about the majors of the future? How there's a crisis with the number of nurses graduating and we can all expect to be jabbed in the arm by someone a little less educated than we would like? Wow, that's not happy-making.

I get an email from time to time (usually from a helicopter parent but that's a topic for another blog post), asking what an undergrad should major in to get their foot in the door at Microsoft. I have to say that aside from all of the expected CS degrees, we have got some others that are fascinating. Everything from mathematics to music. Obviously those are the exceptions; people who are either so wicked smart that they are scary. Or people that are self-taught hobbyists who have a spare room at home with an Ikea table and a tangle of cords hooked up to gray boxed I wouldn't even recognize.

The more virtual/mobile/connected/etc. our world becomes, the more differentiated I've seen college majors become. Here Eugenia writes about the college majors that produce some in-demand skills and graduates of the near future. College sophomore being forced to declare a major? Parent feeling that you need to help your student-kid select a direction? This one's for you.