Resume funkaliciousness...I like pink.

OK, it's not for everybody. Or even mostlybody. However, this is fun. Bam!


(More info on FastCompany here)

I love novelty, when it doesn't interfere with practicality. What can I say...I am a practical gal. I think novelty and practicality can exist in harmony though. So here's what you need to think about to rock this thing.

Your resume generally gets viewed in one of 2 formats:

1) The .doc version (.docx) you sent it in (or .pdf...whatever)

2) The scanned version in a company resume database (.txt)

Resume databases cannot scan this.  To scan most effectively, a document needs to be all text and read left to right. Boring, I know...I didn't invent it. Boring, boring, boring, but true.

I'm  not saying that you shouldn't use this. I recommend linking to this from your resume. For the link, use text that would appear in your resume anyway, so it doesn't look out of place in a .txt version. Or you can send it along as an additional attachment in an email. Warning: you risk the recipient not opening it in that case. As a (former) recruiter, I would generally look for the attachment that looks like a resume and open it; at that point I decide if I want to know more and those other attachments. So yeah, think about that.

Also, I could live a perfectly happy life without ever hearing or seeing the word "punked" again, thanks.