This is the part where I decide if I can be a "casual gamer"

Kinect launched today, well this morning, at midnight. Hmm, I am a little confused if midnight is technically today or yesterday. Can it be both?

I have never really seen myself as a "gamer". My exposure to video games, at least in the last decade, has mostly been limited to scrabulous/scrabola/whatever-it -was-called before scrabble put the kibosh on it in Facebook. And a Korean game called Sobics (no idea what it means...hope it's not dirty). Oh, and a little XBox at friends house; I played a trivia game with halloween-like characters. Anyway.

I see that Kinect is aimed at "casual gamers" (and in case I need to disclose this...which I can't imagine, but...I am an employee of Microsoft), I am kind of thinking about it. I can replace the time I spend watching political ads and Christmas commercials with a little Dance Central. Argh, I just moved into a minimalist loft and am seriously wondering if I can fit one more thing in a media center. On the other hand, a little post-relationship purge has resulted in a tad bit of extra space (don't ask...I won't tell). So now I am going to ask if we are getting one in the lobby of my building and/or which of my friends is going to have a Kinect party. I'm a cautious buyer and am trying to decide if pretty girls play video games (oh, let me think that includes me...haters, don't burst my bubble).