DST 2007 hotfix policy change for products in Extended Support!

I’ve just been informed of a new change to Microsoft’s policy on non-security hotfixes with wide customer demand for products in the Extended support phase I wanted to share. The new policy is as follows:

· Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2007 hotfixes for products in Mainstream Support remain available at no charge. Customers should continue to visit the web site where all public information is posted as available:  www.microsoft.com/dst2007.

· Customers can now purchase the DST 2007 set of hotfixes for a single fee of $4,000 for products in Extended Support. This change applies to products like Windows 2000 that have been in Extended Support since June of 2005.  This change is made under a new pricing category of extended non-security hotfixes that have a wider customer demand.


· Customers who require technical assistance on DST 2007 may contact Premier Support directly and receive a technical support incident at no charge.


· For customers who have previously purchased DST 2007 hotfixes, Microsoft will reimburse the difference to them under the new pricing category.


Please share this information broadly within your organization and minimize the impact of the pending change in Daylight Saving Time.