"Helping ARM" - Azure Resource Manager step-by-step training

Talking to service providers in CEE it seems that Azure Resource Manager - ARM - the JSON based template language is something everybody interested. Why? There are several reasons for that. ARM is the bridge between awaited Azure Stack and Azure, ARM helps you to create modern templates. Templates = your content to offer and ultimately sell to end users.  Remember the Windows Azure Pack and VM Roles? ...that's hard. ARM is easy and efficient. When it comes to modern service provider offerings, templates and deployment automation is something very important for the future. Whenever we talk about value add or differentiators, I am sure, that the service provider knows ARM will have lots of benefits on the market (faster time to market, error less operations, deployment in hybrid environments, leverage quick start templates or Azure Marketplace items). My plan is to give you a step by step introduction to Azure Resource Manager - focusing on service provider needs in multi-tenant environments. Stay tuned!