Internet Explorer 8 / Silverlight 3 Presentation and Demos

IE8_thumb Silverlight

Thanks to everyone who attended the Innovation Showcase event yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale.  We certainly covered a wealth of information and went through some great demonstrations of the capabilities for each technology.

To quickly recap the IE8 session, we took a look at some of the compelling new features in IE8 that can help drive more web traffic to your site – Web Slices, Accelerators, Visual Search - especially if you host your add-ins on the IE Gallery at

The best part is that the development effort for these IE8 add-ins is trivial – and the cost to host them in the gallery is *zero*.  Remember that in order to upload your branded add-ins, you will need to click the “Join” link in the upper right portion of the home page.  


You can download all the Internet Explorer 8 slides and demos at:

In the Silverlight 3 session, we did a comprehensive review of all the exciting new features baked into this release – including a cool video demo of a Silverlight 3 game that integrates with Windows 7 Multi-Touch at


You can download all the Silverlight 3 slides and demos from my Skydrive folder at: 


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