New Features, Frameworks, and Patterns in Silverlight 4


Thanks to everyone who came out to the local Architect’s meeting in South Florida and Tampa! 

Silverlight 4 certainly contains a veritable laundry list of exciting new features and capabilities that will enable some some truly next generation, cutting-edge, RIA applications in the business and consumer space…

When you look at frameworks, patterns, and enhanced functionality that is being baked into Silverlight 4 – you can really see how it now blurs the line between web and desktop applications.

Your users will benefit from rich, data-driven, line-of-business applications with all the responsiveness and performance they expect from desktop applications thru RIA Services and the new Silverlight Toolkit controls.

And the payback for you comes through easier Design (Expression Blend), Development(Visual Studio), and Deployment(Silverlight is cross platform/cross-browser).

Check-out these new features, frameworks and Patterns in Silverlight 4 and see how you can leverage them in building your next generation RIA applications.

  • RIA Services
  • Tooling
  • Printing API
  • Right-click event handling
  • Webcam/microphone access
  • Mouse wheel support
  • RichTextArea Control
  • ICommand support
  • Clipboard API
  • HTML Hosting with WebBrowser
  • levated trust applications
  • Local file access
  • COM interop
  • Notification (“toast”) API
  • Network authentication
  • Cross-domain Networking changes
  • Keyboard access in full screen mode
  • Text trimming
  • ViewBox
  • Right-to-left, BiDi and complex script
  • Offline DRM
  • H.264 protected content
  • Silverlight as a drop target
  • Data binding
  • IDataErrorInfo and Async Validation
  • DependencyObject Binding
  • StringFormat, TargetNullValue, FallbackValue
  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
  • Data Grid enhancements
  • Fluid UI support in items controls
  • Implicit theming
  • Google Chrome support

You can download my slide deck and all the cool demo code samples from my SkyDrive folder at:


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