Developer Resources for Office 2007 RTM

Now that we've released Office 2007 to manufacturing, developers can get started modifying their solutions so that they're ready to test with the released version of Office.

Final versions of the RibbonX schema and Control ID list will be published on MSDN soon, but that can take a while—so I'll continue to publish developer resources here first so that you don't have to wait.

First, the entire set of Office 2007 Control ID lists. I'm putting these up in two different formats: .xls (97-2003 format) and .xlsx (2007 format.)

You only need one of these files; the contents of them are the same aside from the different format of the files.

Download Office 2007 RTM Control ID List (Excel 97-2003 Format)

Download Office 2007 RTM Control ID List (Excel 2007 Format)

The list of Control IDs hasn't changed too much from the Beta 2 Technical Refresh, but there are around 75 changes—any one of which could potentially break your solution. To help you see at-a-glance what changed since B2TR, we put together a list of just the changes.

Download List of Control ID List Changes between B2TR and RTM

The Control ID lists can be useful even if you aren't a developer. For example, we added a column for Group Policy ID in each of the lists; this ID number is the ID you need to disable Office commands via group policy.

Finally, it's worth mentioning again: a few weeks ago we released the RTM customUI schema for RibbonX. If you didn't catch it then, you might want to download it now:

Download Office 2007 RTM customUI Schema