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Microsoft HoloLens: Actiongram Beta featuring George Takei

During my tour of duty helping out the HoloLens team, I was fortunate to visit the amazing holographic capture studio, on a couple of occasions. All sorts of cool things were coming out of that space, but everybody went squee when we brought in George Takei to do a capture session. Now it can be revealed: please enjoy George Takei hamming it up as he’s turned into a hologram.

He comes packaged as an Actiongram, and when you experience him in HoloLens, you can place him anywhere in the room:

Create your own mixed reality videos featuring holographic characters and effects. A steady supply of themed packs will feature content from your favorite brands and genres. Place, resize, and record holograms in the real world for a new take on storytelling. Actiongram Beta is available now, featuring George Takei, Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, and more!

Learn more about Actiongram at

Scale and place any Actiongram in your surroundings, then take a screen capture or record a video. Lots of fun to be had.

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