Will ASP.NET MVC will be the main web platform for ASP.NET?


Microsoft folks are very enthusiastic ! We love to dig in to new technology and show off the cool work that we do and this has been VERY true of ASP.NET MVC.

Unfortunately, sometimes our zeal get's misinterpreted.

I'm getting lots of questions about the future of ASP.NET development as it pertains to MVC and WebForms - and folks are concerned and worried.

Today I got an email from a former Microsoftie asking these common questions so I thought I would answer them here.

1.) Will ASP.NET MVC will be the main web platform for ASP.NET?

NO !

MVC is an option. It will NOT replace WebForms. WebForms will continue to evolve and be the PRIMARY UI developers mechanism for ASP.NET. MVC will be great for a subset of ASP.NET applications and developers.The p[oint is, ASP.NET developers will have a great available CHOICE.

Personally - I will continue to use WebForms and will likely not use MVC much if at all. 

2.) Will WebForms continue to be expanded/supported ?


In fact, this fall I'll be focusing on publishing videos and such on NEW WebForms Features and usage scenarios.

3.) Which JavaScript framework is recommended to be used with ASP.NET MVC (ASP.NET AJAX, jQuery, etc.)?

Microsoft supports our own AJAX Client Libraries, but I regularly use jQuery and other independent libraries. The Microsoft libraries are integration friendly with any JavaScript library that uses some king of Name-Spacing mechanism to avoid naming collisions.

4.) How well ASP.NET AJAX will be supported with ASP.NET MVC?

Who knows? ASP.NET AJAX is built around the page postback model so the server side stuff is decidedly WebForms but the client stuff is happy anywhere.

Check outthis post by Nikhil where he adds some basic AJAX stuff to an MVC application.


5.) Will ASP.NET AJAX and Ajax Control Toolkit will be expanded/supported?


Simply - YES !