Site Pinning Discoverability and IE9 RC

In my last post on site pinning where I wanted to make sure folks were aware of a “gotcha”, I closed with a few ways to implement “discoverability”. Huffington Post has been a good example to show a unique way they promote their “site pinning” experience. And now, they’ve updated their site to leverage the new RC feature called “drag-to-pin”.

This is implemented by a partner creating an image that is for their site – it fits into their experience and communicates how to pin the site. Technically, the web developer just adds “msPinSite” to the class tag of the image. That’s it! And when the consumer follow the instructions and drags the image to the taskbar, BINGO! The site is pinned, and the consumer starts a new way to experience your site.

Here is a picture of what Huffington Post built. I recommend trying this out for yourself. This image is just the gateway to more new interactions with the Huffington Post.