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Storage Developer Conference - SDC 2013 slides now publicly available. Here are the links to Microsoft slides...

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) hosted the 10th Storage Developer Conference (SDC) in the Hyatt Regency in beautiful Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley) on the week of September 16th 2013.

This week, the presentation slides were made publicly available. You can find them all at

For those focused on Microsoft technologies, here are some direct links to slides for the talks delivered by Microsoft this year:

Title Presenters
Advancements in Windows File Systems Neal Christiansen, Principal Development Lead, Microsoft
LRC Erasure Coding in Windows Storage Spaces Cheng Huang, Researcher, Microsoft Research
SMB3 Update David Kruse, Development Lead, Microsoft
Cluster Shared Volumes Vladimir Petter, Principal Software Design Engineer, Microsoft
Tunneling SCSI over SMB: Shared VHDX files for Guest Clustering in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jose Barreto, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Matt Kurjanowicz, Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
Windows Azure Storage - Speed and Scale in the Cloud Joe Giardino, Senior Development Lead, Microsoft
SMB Direct update Greg Kramer, Sr. Software Engineer, Microsoft
Scaled RDMA Performance & Storage Design with Windows Server SMB 3.0 Dan Lovinger, Principal Software Design Engineer, Microsoft
Data Deduplication as a Platform for Virtualization and High Scale Storage Adi Oltean, Principal Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Sudipta Sengupta, Sr. Researcher, Microsoft