New in Windows 7 SDK: TSPBuilder.exe

The newly released Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1: BETA is available on the Microsoft Download Center with several new tools. The following tools have been added since the M3 release of the Windows SDK. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll write a short summary of what each tool can be used for.

Windows Troubleshooting Toolkit (TSPBuilder.exe)

New to Windows 7 is the Windows Troubleshooting platform. This platform allows software developers to develop Troubleshooting Packs that automate the troubleshooting and resolution of problems without having to resort to painful technical support queues or documentation runs. In a nut shell, a software developer writes a bunch of PowerShell scripts to identify and resolve problems then packages them up and distributes the pack to end-users. Rafael Rivera has written a good step-by-step guide for how to author a Win7 Troubleshooting Pack HERE.


To learn about other tools new to the Windows SDK for Windows 7, see New Tools in the Windows 7 SDK.