Karthic's blog on IIS, ASP.NET & BizTalk

Introduction to Biztalk

BizTalk is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool. It can be used to integrate...

Author: karthics Date: 08/09/2007

Learning Biztalk

I'm getting my hands dirty with Biztalk. Very soon you will see some articles on Biztalk here :-)

Author: karthics Date: 07/30/2007

How to enable http compression for a folder in IIS 6.0

By default, when you try to enable compression for a folder in IIS 6.0, you will get the following...

Author: karthics Date: 06/08/2007

How a session id is generated for an aspx page in .net framework 1.1

In this blog, I just wanted to write about the method within the .net framework which is responsible...

Author: karthics Date: 05/31/2007