FxCop Designers Honored with the Chairman's Award

Last week, during the annual Engineering Excellence week, several Microsoft engineers and managers involved in development of engineering tools and practices were presented with Engineering Excellence Awards. In addition, the principal designers of three static analysis tools were honored with so called “Engineering Excellence Chairman’s Award,” which is given for contributions that our chairman (Bill) considers especially important. The Chairman award was given twice in the history of Microsoft.

Mike Fanning, Brad Abrams, and I received nice glass statuettes and a framed letters from Bill and Jon (our VP responsible for EE). See pictures below. The letter says “The Engineering Excellence Chairman’s Award is the Microsoft’s highest award for engineering group employees worldwide.”

It’s extremely rewarding to receive something like that for what started as a hobby project on which we worked mainly in our free time (at least, before it was officially productized). I would like to thank Brad for being the “let’s do it now” person, pushing the whole effort of design guidelines and fxcop development, and Mike for his passion for quality and being the super-developer on the team.

Of course, many others contributed to the success of fxcop. Once we gather all the names, we will post a new entry or update this one to thank everybody and record all the contributions for posterity. [UPDATE: Brad just posted on this here.]