MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers

This idea sprung from a discussion with Sr. PFE Brian Barrington, and it got me wondering...


FYI - If you're running a SCOM agent, 2016 or above, various Log Analytics solutions may have pre-reqs.


OMS Gateway requires Microsoft Monitoring Agent (agent version - 8.0.10900.0 or later)

Simple English, that means SCOM2016 RTM agent or above



As of 6 Sep 18, MMA agent = 8.0.11103.0

As of 17 Oct 18, MMA agent = 8.0.11136.0



SCOM Agent Version numbers

SCOM2016 RTM 8.0.10918.0
SCOM2016 UR1 8.0.10931.0
SCOM2016 UR2 8.0.10949.0
SCOM2016 UR3 8.0.10970.0
SCOM2016 UR4 8.0.10977.0
SCOM2016 UR5 8.0.10990.0
SCOM1801 8.0.13053.0
SCOM1807 8.0.13067.0


  • @Larry LeBlanc - thank you for the SCOM Agent version updates!


Verify what version is installed

Via SCOM - use Holman's Agent Version Addendum management pack


If you don't have SCOM

From PowerShell

$Agent = get-itemproperty -path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Setup"









SCOM Agent Version Addendum pack

SCOM Agent build numbers