Ultimate Ears on Channel 10 - Part 1

On June 15th, I informally hosted some folks from Ultimate Ears on the Microsoft campus in one of the cafeterias. During their visit, I invited the folks from the Channel 10 team to stop by to do a video interview for on10.net. The video they created is a compilation of edited video material from Ultimate Ears, a short introduction interview with me talking about community around Ultimate Ears headphones (passion for the product = community), and a detailed interview with Mike Dias of Ultimate Ears. You'll see interviewer Laura Foy trying out several UE headphone including listening to Def Leppard on my Zune. There is possible part 2 video on Ultimate Ears coming to Channel 10 in the near future, as indicated near the end of the interview with Mike. The video can be viewed online or downloaded (various formats) at:

Ultimate Ears: How music was meant to be heard
You've never listened to your Zune like THIS before. I used to think headphones are headphones are headphones - but now I know that's not the case. Musicians know their stuff and they need the highest quality, most precise audio in their ears and that's why most on-stage performers use Ultimate Ears. There's actually an insane amount of technology all crammed into that little tiny earpiece. I wish you could all experience what I heard but take a look at this clip and I'm sure you'll get a better understanding of how music was meant to be heard.