Developers, meet the Live Framework blog

We've been using this blog to share information about both Live Mesh the user experience, and what we formerly referred to as Live Mesh the developer platform.  With the news at PDC about Live Services and the Live Framework, it's time to re-focus this blog on just the platform experience of Live Mesh.  We'll continue to post news here about changes and updates to and our client software for PC, Mac and Windows Mobile.

We've created a new team blog,, as a home for our developer oriented content.  This is where we'll share more Behind Live Mesh content, tips and tricks for writing applications using the Live Framework, and other developer-centric news and information.  Earlier today, for example, we announced a new build of the Live Framework Developer Sandbox and SDK are available to developers in the Live Framework CTP.  We've also got a couple team members Tweeting away about Live Framework topics at .

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