Don’t forget the SSRS switches!!

A short post but I hope it is useful.

SCOM has some great inbuilt reports that you can get to from the console.

But what if you don’t want loads of consoles installed (there is a limit in a Management Group after all). That is easy, use SSRS. OK so you set up a link to a report. The only thing is now your user gets the Smart Header but in SSRS format, which is not really desirable.

SSRS has a neat way to get round this.

Two switches fit here:



The key part here is to use the url form the “ReportServer” page not the “Reports” page as you might expect.

So create a link that looks something like this:


You will get a web rendered report but with no header or toolbar (clearly).

You can then use this in SharePoint web parts for example to give people access to the reports they want but without the “clutter”