- Maps Powered by Virtual Earth recently launched their new "map-based searching" using Virtual Earth. The site looks, oh, too familiar - almost as a replica of Windows Live Local; however, there some more aesthetically pleasing portions of the site.


  • The site is very clean; great colors for the UI and pushpins.
  • I love the "saved" and "recent"┬ámap searches features. This is slick for when I want to go back and search for the same thing again.
  • Keyword searching - not just category searching, but keyword searching adds a level of relevance.
  • The AJAX movement of opening and closing tabs on the left is slick and intuitive.
  • Guided Tour - I love this. I get so much hate mail from people who want us to bring back MSN Maps and Directions. This levels out the learning curve for those who don't like change.


  • It looks too much like Windows Live Local. Not that I'm ashamed of our UI, but I was hoping to see something different to change the game a bit.
  • I want to be able to re-order the tabs on the left and I can't.
  • I want to be able to close some tabs on the left and I can't.
  • No pan/nav refresh of results. When I move the map I want the data results to change - this is mandatory!
  • No right-click menu.

So, some good things, some bad. Overall, it's just another map-based searching site which seem to popup quite frequently. I do like the site, I just was hoping to see Superpages change the game a little more.