New team

It’s been a while since I last blogged and I can now let on as to what’s going on in my life. Besides the normal hustle and bustle of working at Microsoft that always seems to get in the way of blogging, I've been in the process of changing job. I've moved from the Developer and Platform team where we *talked* a lot about writing code to a software design engineer position actually writing the code.

The two really cool things about my new job are that 1> I'm writing code for the Windows Mobile OS and 2> I haven’t had to ship out to the US. That’s right, there is now a new part of the Mobile Embedded Development team based right here in the UK called OORT-UK.

So why a dev team in the UK I hear you ask? MED has had individual engineers in various parts of the world for some time now, working on local operator specific requests and modification to the base OS. This has been very successful but its become evident there is a need to go even further. So a full dev team has been setup in the UK to focus on the relationship between Microsoft and local operators and to mould the core OS product to meet the fast changing needs of each local customer base.

I bet your second question is: 'Great, got any jobs going?'. The team is not at full strength yet. If you are interested in this team and you have a strong developer background then keep a watch on the Microsoft UK jobs page here and the Developer section.