New book: Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric (ISBN 9781509301881), by Haishi Bai.

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Build exceptionally scalable cloud applications for fast-growing businesses

Microsoft Azure Service Fabric makes it easier than ever before to build large-scale distributed cloud applications. You can quickly develop and update microservice-based applications, efficiently operate highly reliable hyperscale services, and deploy the same application code on public, hosted, or private clouds. This book introduces all key Azure Service Fabric concepts and walks you through implementing several real-world applications. You’ll find advanced design patterns, tuning tips, and lessons learned from early adopters—all from the perspective of developing and operating large projects in production.

Microsoft Azure evangelist Haishi Bai shows how to:

  • Implement background services and use stateless services to handle user requests
  • Solve state-management problems in distributed systems
  • Package, stage, and deploy applications
  • Upgrade applications in place, with zero downtime
  • Leverage Quality of Service (QoS) options throughout app design, implementation, and operation
  • Manage Service Fabric clusters with Windows PowerShell and the Management Portal
  • Configure Service Fabric Diagnostics and analyze collected data
  • Test functionality and performance
  • Design Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that capture and manage petabytes of data
  • Handle demanding real-time data-streaming compute scenarios
  • Understand multitenancy and single-tenancy as logical architecture choices
  • Build Service Fabric game engines to support large-scale, multiplayer online games
  • Model complex systems with the Service Fabric Actors Pattern

About the author

HAISHI BAI, senior technical evangelist at Microsoft, focuses on the Microsoft Azure compute platform, including IaaS, PaaS, networking, and scalable computing services.

Ever since he wrote his first program on an Apple II when he was 12, Haishi has been a passionate programmer and he later became a professional software engineer and architect. During his 19 years of professional life, he’s faced various technical challenges and a broad range of project types that have given him rich experiences in designing innovative solutions to solve difficult problems.

Haishi is the author of a few cloud computing books. He’s the co-host of Microsoft’s Cloud Cover show ( He also runs a technical blog ( with millions of viewers. His twitter handle is @HaishiBai2010.